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Play Basketball in Your City

Are you an ardent fan of LeBron James? Or, you just can’t get enough of Steph Curry’s 3-pointers? Well, if you like basketball, then we feel you homie. Lineup allows you to play basketball in your city with people who are passionate about the sport and shoot some hoops with them. And we are not talking about one-on-one games that you play in your backyard. Lineup allows you to play actual 5-a-side games just like the pros. So, if you want to make your inner Black Mamba shine or just looking to spend the evenings with some thrilling exercise, we will help you find people who feel just like you.

Finding the right basketball buddies is a tough challenge. Well, you would be surprised to know how passionate people are about the NBA. At Lineup, we are committed to making sports lovers meet. You can use the app to find fellow ballers or even book a venue for a game. With our 1500-member-strong community, you are sure to find people with whom you can have a great game.

How to Meet who play basketball?

You might be wondering ‘how can I find people to play basketball near me’? Well, Lineup does the job for you. To find people who are looking to play some hoops, just download the app on your Android or iPhone. You will need to register your account and then choose the sport that you want to play. You can choose basketball or other sports like football, volleyball, badminton and more. Once you have done that, Lineup will automatically connect you with people who share the same interest as you. You can easily connect with them or even join groups made up of active players.


How Does it Work?

We are a community of over 1500 members, all with different skill levels and age groups. So, you can easily find people to play with.


Games 8.30-9.30pm.

Multiple locations across Dubai as per your preference


All level players are welcome to join and participate in our games


Men's Basketball

Women's Basketball

Mixed's Basketball


Water, playing equipment, Match statistics, Bibs and VEO camera footage 

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How to join us?


Download our mobile app
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