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Badminton is everything a sport should be. It's fast, competitive and demands a lot of physical fitness from its players. This is probably a reason why a lot of people prefer to play the sport as physical activity. If you are in Dubai or anywhere in the world and you want to spend your evenings playing this exciting sport, then Lineup is the best option for you. Now you can play indoor badminton by connecting with fellow players and booking venues across the city. You can show your skills in a one-on-one war or even organize tournaments. You might not have a trophy in your hand or a medal around your neck, but trust me winning these tournaments will make you feel nothing short of being Lin Dan.


Games every 8-10pm every 


Multiple locations across Dubai as per your preference


All level players are welcome to join and participate in our games


Mixed badminton

Women's badminton


Water, badminton, Shuttle cocks, Match statistics and Go pro camera footage 

How to Play Badminton with Lineup?

Lineup is an online platform that helps you connect with players who are just as passionate and skillful as you are. So, no more spending the evenings watching boring Netflix shows. To find a player and play an adrenaline-thumping game of badminton, all you need to do is just download the app, enter your name, location, and other details and you would be able to choose players from our community. You can get in touch with them and organize matches amongst yourself. You can also join groups and organize  matches. This will not only fill your evenings with an exciting activity but you will also get to forge long- lasting friendships, both on and off the court.

But that’s not all. You would also get to choose from different venues spread across your city. You can book a court for a game or get the entire venue for your group. The app also allows you to track your statistics. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to play badminton in your city like the pros do, download the Lineup app and explore the possibilities.


How Does it Work?

We are a community of over 1500 members, all with different skill levels and age groups. So, you can easily find people to play with.
How to join us?
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